[UPDATED] DOE’s Workplace Bullying Continues – My 33 Hours Behind Bars

DTOM Tattoo

I didn’t think that I would have to update my “Allegations Against Mr. Portelos” list again, but unfortunately I did. Those who have been working tirelessly to end my career hit a new … Click Here to Read More

Joel Klein’s Attorneys are Still Deeply Rooted in @NYCSchools


My battle, initiated by a growing number of NYC Department of Education employees,  hits the 800 day mark today. 800 days ago (January 30, 2012) Principal Linda Hill of IS 49 wrote the first two disciplinary … Click Here to Read More

SCI 10 – SCI Tampers with Video Evidence?

Video I sent to SCI - Comparison cropped

I recorded the video on my phone on April 18, 2012 and was removed a week later. I have been out for over 700 days now. Before I sent it to SCI, or anyone, I ran it through a video editing program. I did that so I can hide the young girl’s identity to abide by COPPA and FERPA laws and focus on that part of the hallway. The original was a wider angle. When the laws describe hiding the identity of children, they don’t only mean visual, but all biometric features. This includes voice. Click Here to Read More

An Open Letter to Chancellor Fariña from a Discontinued Teacher



You may have already read about the epidemic, in regards to railroading young and new teachers in order to obliterate … Click Here to Read More

FOIL Friday – What Did the Principal Say About You? Where is the Money?


Imagine you can see the emails of the principal and assistant principal where you are mentioned. “If Ms. Smith wants to bring up the UFT, then let’s go observe her class. Maybe she will think twice next time.”
Did you email the superintendent and never hear back? Imagine you can see if they forwarded the email to others.
Do you believe the funds in your community school are being misappropriated? Imagine you can see where the money is going and what the recent audit done on your school looks like. Click Here to Read More

701 Days in Educator Exile. “No Big Deal?”


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“In the time of chimpanzees, I was a monkey.” -Beck

Look, relax…it’s no big deal. We are just … Click Here to Read More

Donors Choose-Day – Help Mr. Valia Get a 3D Printer


Over the summer I had the idea to start writing DonorsChoose.org proposals for teachers who were too busy to do it. For those who do not know, DonorsChoose.org is a great site where generous philanthropists … Click Here to Read More

SCI 9 – Commissioner Suddenly Finds “Errors” in their Investigation

SCI Investigation

We continue with the The SCI Files

There has to be a professional and adult way of saying “Told you so!”  Sit down and grab some popcorn again, because the craziness never ends here with this … Click Here to Read More

SCI Part 8 – Planting Files and Confiscating Computers

SCI Investigation


This is Part 8 of the SCI Files.

Today is February 28, 2014 and 674 days that I am out of the classroom. It … Click Here to Read More

Case Tracker – 20 Investigations Closed, Whitewashed or Left Open



In the wake of the PS 106Q Marcella Sills “School of No” fiasco, I decided to make a list of the cases I initiated, or knew about, pertaining to my own community school … Click Here to Read More

How to “Hack” the DOE Payroll Portal and Give Yourself a Raise


Tired of being abused with extra work that isn’t helping your students, less time, less autonomy and not even a raise since 2009? Don’t be angry …just “hack” the payroll system like I did and take what you worked hard for. Click Here to Read More

Educators, Are You Burnt Out? Good. That’s the Point!

You think it’s by accident that there is a high turnover rate for teachers these days? You think the new “rigorous” standards are to get all the millions of children college and career ready?

Click Here to Read More

Projector and Union Busting Trumps Safety Concerns?

PD Projector Interrupts UFT Meeting

This morning I attempted to have another United Federation of Teachers meeting with the members that weathered the traffic conditions and made it in early at my school. Remember that for the entire time I … Click Here to Read More

Easy 2 Yr Solution to ATR Problem -Rate Them Ineffective and Fire Them

ATR Observation

What is an Absent Teacher Reserve  or ATR and why should you care?

Wikipedia defines it as: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absent_Teacher_Reserve


Absent Teacher Reserve refers to teachers that have lost their daily teaching positions, but are reassigned to substitute for … Click Here to Read More