Rally & Ten Reasons Against Co-Locating Eagle Academy into Berta Dreyfus IS 49

Rally and Joint Public Hearing Monday October 28, 2013 at IS 49 at 6:00 PM

101 Warren Street, Staten Island, NY 10304 

Reasons not to co-locate Eagle Academy IS 28 into our existing Berta Dreyfus Is 49 Building:

1. Eagle Academy uses an all boys school culture. Berta Dreyfus IS 49 is co-ed culture with a 48% female population.

It’s very difficult to create an all-boys culture inside of a co-ed school.” David Banks, Eagle Academy CEO, February 2012. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/eagle-academy-move-allen-christian-school-article-1.1025696#ixzz2huDpcxm4

2. Berta Dreyfus is currently split into 3 academies. In the past, there have been some fights between students just because they were from different academies. The students had labeled it “Academy Wars.” It was squashed, but current staff state that this still exists. The current policy on dress code in Berta Dreyfus is sometimes relaxed. The Eagle Academy adheres to a strict dress code. This could prove problematic when combined together.

3. Current discipline issues at Berta Dreyfus. In 2011, the NY Post labeled IS 49 the “School Gone Wild”. IS 49 had 976 reported incidents that year. Instead of going down, the very next year the reported incidents rose to 1,283. Eagle Academy focuses on troubled minority males, but condensing the troubled IS 49 into two floors will not alleviate the issues.

Incidents Reported IS 49

4. Eagle Academy will most likely take up all of the third floor of Berta Dreyfus for logistical reasons. Should they do that, they will be taking two new science labs and a computer lab away from IS 49. Not to mention ten other rooms and use of the cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium, exits and entrances.

5. Eagle Academy would get start-up funding as well as other operational expenses. This is taxpayer money that can be going to assist the students of existing Berta Dreyfus instead.

6. As the population of the zoned neighborhood has increased, the enrollment of Berta Dreyfus has decreased. Filling up the underutilized room with another school, will prevent room for growth. This comes at a time where the new Stapleton Homeport will have 400+ new residential units just 1 mile away.

Berta Dreyfus Enrollment

7.  The current NYC DOE Report Card grade for IS 49 is a “C”. Eagle academy has other schools and although they may have higher graduation rates, they have poor grades on Student Performance and Student Progress. This will not help the community.

EA Report Cards

  1. http://schools.nyc.gov/SchoolPortals/29/Q327/AboutUs/Statistics/default.htm
  2. http://schools.nyc.gov/SchoolPortals/09/X231/AboutUs/Statistics/default.htm
  3. http://schools.nyc.gov/SchoolPortals/23/K644/AboutUs/Statistics/default.htm

8. The proposal is for a temporary co-location of Eagle Academy into Berta Dreyfus. Eagle Academy has been looking for a building to have a full 6-12th grade program. Instead of temporary nesting, Eagle Academy Foundation should look for a building to start their program now instead of moving in and moving out.

9. The NYC DOE Office of New Schools and Portfolio Planning wants students to have a choice. Eagle Academy focuses on minority boys. However, a careful analysis of the demographics of the zoning boundaries of building R049 show that 48% are female and 60% non-minority (city-data.com). This means that the Eagle Academy’s focus group would alienate approximately 79.2% of the zone’s population.

10. It’s just simply not a good solution to a very big problem.

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