When I Say “CLEANUP” You Say “TWEED”. “CLEANUP”…


As I start to write this post, I am on the Staten Island Ferry heading to 49-51 Chambers Street. That building is across the street from the Tweed Courthouse, home of DOE central. I still can’t believe they named the building after Boss Tweed, one of the most corrupt New Yorkers.

Instead of teaching at IS 49 today, I’m on my way to a Step 2 Grievance for another violation of our contract that is keeping me from my neighborhood school. That violation is my new Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) status.

I’m an ATR for the last 5 weeks and, as you may know, that means I move from school to school, week by week, like over 1,300 other educators. This is a violation since a member becomes an ATR only if they are excessed due to budgeting or a school closure. None of which happened in my case.

I had a Step 1 Grievance meeting with District 31 Superintendent Jessica Jenkins. We pleaded my case and it was denied. I do not blame her though since I knew it was going to be denied when she uttered the magical words…”I need to speak to DOE legal.”

Now I’m off to the DOE Kangaroo Court known as The Office of Labor Relations. I will give you a play by play of this grievance in another post.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I CANNOT emphasize enough how damaging DOE Legal has been, and continues to be, to our school communities. Not in just my microcosm of a case, but for the last decade.

This rally was mostly about the DOE lawyers, Chancellor Fariña decided to keep around and also the others mentioned in this post: Today’s Rally at Tweed

We are very happy with the rally, because in just less than a week we had not only 30 people show up, but also received many messages of support and made many aware of this issue.

In case you missed it…

“When I say CLEANUP, you say TWEED!”

“When I say SUMMER, you say CLEANING! ”









Not bad for first DTOE.org run events.

South Bronx School Also see video here of German family’s reaction to the treatment of educators in the US.

Reading Horse A Rally to End the Fourth Term of Michael R. Bloomberg  4:30 at Tweed

Thank you everyone and see you at the next one. Definitely a follow up in September if a proper CLEANUP we deserve is not implemented.

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  1. Very cool. Coudn’t make it myself, but glad it happened.
    Joan Heymont

  2. According to dictionary.com the term LEGAL means: Conforming to the law; required or permitted by law; not forbidden by law.

    In the Department of Education there are two separate views of Legal.
    1.Bang out teachers for any offenses. (Ex: My child was sick and I took the day off to care for them= Letter to file)

    2 Principals are above the law.(Ex:Principal sexual harassment female staff member. Principal is rewarded. Staff member is forced to leave their building. )

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